Onigiris Texture Pack 1.7.8/1.6.4

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Hi today at news that came to us and that is the Onigiris. As you can see on the pictures, and after we played himself on the package we recommend it to you. But the mapping of blocks is very good and very much tried by the work on this package. The package is available in two versions, the two modes of play Creatif and Survival. Heartily recommend it to you because it is sufficient to look at the pictures and know that something good it is. How would you not recommend the use of the program It worked optifine or MCPatcher HD but it should work, I recommend seeing the cutscene is great.

Minecraft2814 Minecraft2815 Minecraft2816 Minecraft2817 Minecraft2818

How to install: 

Download the texture pack file.
Install MC Patcher or Optifine.
Open the “run” search bar and type “%appdata%”.
Open the .minecraft folder.
Open the texturepacks folder.
Move the downloaded file into the folder.

Download Link Onigiris Texture Pack For Minecraft [1.6]

Download Link Onigiris Texture Pack For Minecraft [1.7]