Launcher Minecraft – No-Premium 1.9.1/1.6.4

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Minecraft launcher – No-Premium

I warmly welcome today very good app and at the same time as if modification “Launcher Minecraft – No-Premium”. Why is it called her application and modification, and therefore that it is a nothing more than a “Launcher Minecraft” through which we can play any version of minecraft from old to new versions of even the test. So now you have something good, and thus will test what it is like to have almost the original minecraft. This modification allows us to install all the mods as it is on the original minecraft. Yes and it’s no problem a few clicks, and we as the official “Launcher Minecraft”. We recommend TvwolfCraft video shows what and how to do to play.

Short artkuł for players No-Premium contains a reference guide and a link to download Launcher
In the tutorial you will learn how zainstaloiwa─ç new Minecraft and how to use the Launcher.
The new launcher includes several new features that were not previously in Minecraft SP, for example, adjust the amount of RAM, and changes the game folder.
Download Launcher [link at the end].
Run Minecraft xxx-Launcher.jar
A window will appear with a choice of installation location.
Select the folder where you want to install Minecraft [default this will be: C \: \ \ users \ \your-user-name \ \ minecraft].
When you type in a username of your nickname, press Play.
Launcher download all the files and fire up the game.
Enjoy the game.
The game has always run the file Minecraft Launcher.jar

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